Art City Annual Chess Tournament Held at Art City Elementary School, Springvill​e

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Art City Elementary School in Springville, Utah, held it's annual chess tournament on Saturday December 5, 2012.The chess tournament was a really fun opportunity for students who are kindergarten through sixth grade to participate. Students came from all over Nebo school district and faced each other in chess. Some were were sad that they didn't win and others were very happy that they won. There were students that were sad because they didn't get a trophy or didn't get first place but some were very happy that they just got a medal and some were very happy that they got a trophy. Adam Krieger ACE reporter said "I think that the chess tournament is a very cool thing to do and to test your skills against others from around Nebo School District.The Art City tournament helps the students prepare for the Annual District Tournament which will be held at Cherry Creek Elementary School on Saturday February 9, 2013. Information for the District tournament will soon be available on the Nebo School District Website.The following are the results from the Art City Chess Tournament: Kindergarten/First-Grade: First: Brigham Call, Hobble Creek; Second: Tommy Carter Art City; Third: Adam Jenkins, Art City; Fourth: Mason Dellamas, Brookside; Fifth: Sarah Balls, Mt Loafer; Sixth: Maria Krois, Cherry Creek; Seventh: James Rey, Art City.Second-grade: First: Ryan Humpherys, Barnett Elementary School; Second: Adam MacDonald, Taylor; Third: Adam Coates, Spring Lake; Fourth: Dylan Martin, Art City Elementary; Fifth: Spencer Park, Art City; Sixth: Cody Andreasen, Art City; Seventh: James Gardiner, Art City.Third-grade: First: Jason Elzinga, Art City; Second: Beckett Eames, Art City; Third: Kimball Snapp, Art City; Fourth: Johannes Thuswaldner, Art City; Fifth: Logan Tanner, Art City; Sixth: Cameron Hall, Art City; Seventh: Paul Carter, Art City.Fourth-grade: First: Daniel Kawai, Art City; Second Sawyer Hanks, Mapleton; Third: Fuiva Moala, Art City; Fourth: Kanyien Gonzalez, Goshen; Fifth: Ben Price, Art City; Sixth: Samantha Waite, Art City; Seventh: Alexis Call, Hobble Creek.Fifth-grade: First: Patrick Bless, Art City; Second: Monte Taylor, Art City; Third: Luke Carter, Art City; Fourth: Garrison Caswell, Art City; Fifth: Zachary Derosia, Art City; Sixth: Ammon Elzinga, Art City; Seventh: Daimien Gonzalez, Goshen.Sixth-grade: First: Nathan Bingham, Sage Creek; Second: Brandon Sadler, Westside; Third: Devon Lopez, Goshen; Fourth: Caleb Hayes, Wilson; Fifth: Justin Nielson, Wilson; Seventh: Kolby Carter, Art City.The following are the top seven Schools to finish: First: Art City Elementary, Springville; Second: Goshen Elementary, Goshen; Third: Westside Elementary, Springville; Fourth: Brookside Elementary, Springville; Fifth: Spring Lake Elementary, Spring Lake; Sixth: Cherry Creek Elementary, Springville; Seventh: Spanish Oaks, Spanish Fork.
Article and Pictures byAdam Krieger; Sixth Grade Art City Reporter