August 2021

Welcome to Art City Elementary Miss Brown

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Mandy Brown is a new teacher at Art City Elementary school. She graduated high school from Iowa City High School and college from Brigham Young University. This is her first year teaching.  

Miss Brown is so excited to be here at Art City working in third grade! She was born in Provo, grew up in Iowa, and she now lives in Provo. She is the oldest in her family, with four younger brothers. Her mom is a substitute teacher and her dad works in IT at the University of Iowa.

Welcome To Art City Elementary Mrs. Gill

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Mrs. Gill is a new teacher at Art City Elementary, teaching 4th grade.  Mrs. Gill has always wanted to be a teacher!  In her spare time she likes to read, cook, listen to podcasts, take naps, run, play Pickleball with her husband, go to Swig and hang out with her family and friends. Mrs. Gill loves sunshine and warm weather (her dream is to live in Arizona!). Her favorite food is tacos, her favorite drink is Diet Coke and her favorite movie is the Princess Diaries. 

Building Bridges in 5th Grade

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Students in Miss Wood's class worked together to design and build bridges with only straws, pins, and tape.  The bridges were then tested to see how much weight they could hold.  They did a great job trying to work together to build the best bridges!

Story and Pictures by Stephanie Wood