BYU Folk Dancers

Submitted by julia.murray on

The BYU Folk Dancers came to Art City Elementary Friday May 7th and shared their show "Folk dance: From Village to Stage." This show was a snippet of all the wonderful places, people and cultures that are out there in this big wide world. Music and dance is one of their favorite ways to explore and share culture traditions. One message they hope to share: "The world has its share of problems,lets try to strive to be part of the solution and hope for tomorrow. Together we can make a difference." (Quoted from a letter of appreciation by Delynne Peay, Artistic Director)

The students at Art City clapped along to the beat of the songs as the BYU Dancers entertained them and taught them a few things of the world that they live in, giving them a taste of all the different cultures that are in our world today. Thank you Folk Dancers for sharing your talents with us.