Thank You Teachers

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Thank you Art City Teachers this week for Teacher Appreciation the ACE Reporters wanted to express their thanks to a few teachers who have taught them or are currently being taught by them (thank you teachers for understanding and taking time to help these students):

Mr. Brad Gibson is a 6th grade teacher his favorite animal is a monkey and his favorite food is Tacos if he could go anywhere he would go to Cancun Mexico he loves teaching!!!

          Mrs. Wheatly teaches transitional first grade at Art City Elementary. She used to teach first grade so is known by many students. She is kind, friendly, and a wonderful teacher. She once saved a robin egg from being crushed! Her first name is Robin. She enjoys going to the gym after school.

Mrs. Kunzler is a very caring person. She works as a 2nd grade teacher at Art City Elementary. Her favorite color is blue, her favorite animal is a frog, and her favorite smell is vanilla and citrus. I had her for 2nd grade and she was my favorite teacher and still is because she cared for every student equally.
By: ACE Reporters

Article and pictures by ACE Reporters