2nd Grade Country Reports

Submitted by julia.murray on Wed, 01/13/2010 - 12:16

The Second grade students at Art City Elementary have the opportunity to learn about countries around the world. Each student chooses the country they want to research and give a presentation to their class. Two ACE Reporters share with us what their siblings have presented.

    Hannah Sentz reports: In 2nd grade Gracie Sentz talked about Haiti. She is very interested in Haiti and has a baby Haitian brother. Gracie shared mango juice and coconut pudding which are popular foods in Haiti. Haiti is a country located near Florida. The language spoken there is Creole. An interesting fact is they swallow fire for entertainment.

    Allison Clisbee reports: Emily Clisbee's country report was on Italy! Everyone learned some interesting facts about Italy: it is shaped like a big boot, they celebrate a holiday in Italy on January 6th which is when an old witch, called Labe’ Fana comes flying around on her broom to deliver candy to all the good girls and boys, for the bad ones, coal. Then at the end of Emily’s report she served an Italian dessert and Italian Chocolate. It was a fun learning experience.

Photographs and content by Hannah Sentz and Allison Clisbee