Art City Traditions

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Art City Traditions
Ace reporters sharing thoughts on Traditions:

A Christmas tradition at Art City Elementarty is to sing around the tree, it started in the lobby, as the school has grown and expanded it moved to the gym. All of the classes in the school gather around a lit tree and sing fun Christmas songs, ending with Silent Night the students sing the first verse, then hum as they leave the gym.

There has always been a 15-18 foot tree in the Lobby, once real, later replaced by a 15 foot artificial tree. The tree is assembled the first Monday in December by the Custodian, faculty, and staff, lights are hung and classes make decorations to place on the tree.

Fourth Grade going to sing at the mall each year is another fun tradition at Art City.

Ace Reporters share some of their traditions:
• At my house our tradition is Christmas morning we always eat sticky buns after opening presents with nuts they are very yummy my mom makes them homemade special!!!- Hannah Sentz
• My whole family goes to my Grandma's house when it's a very special holiday. For Christmas we open presents at our houses and then get ready for our days. Next we usually pack our suitcases and then go to our Grandma and Grandpa's house. Sheridan Raine Barton.
• My family always line up on our stairs to wait for our parents to tell us to come down. Natalie Sumsion
• My family opens one present on Christmas Eve! -Sarah Mitchell
• My family and my cousins all go to my grandmas house on Christmas Eve, and we all get a special present. Tess Fisher
• My family always goes out and gets a fresh cut Christmas tree -Sara King
• When I go to my dad’s house, for Christmas we go to my step moms’ parents’ house and we try to find the pickle on the Christmas tree. Jane Shoemaker
• Every year my family gets a chocolate calendar. Amaya Hunter
• Every year, on Christmas morning, my parents hang an enormous sheet over the entrance to our living room, so we can't see our presents inside! Then our parents make us eat our breakfast before we go inside and open our presents. Another tradition we do, is that we read a mini Christmas book for the 24 days before Christmas. Allison Clisbee
• Every christmas eve we all open one present and its useally pajamas to wear that night also on the same night we read the christmas story the night before christmas-Hannah Sentz

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