Fire Safety with Richard Beach

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Safety always:  Richard Beach, from the Springville Fire Department, came to Art City Elementary school, Friday, October 9, 2009, to remind everyone how to stay safe.  Some of the points he taught:  Never leave a candle burning if leaving the room, blow it out before you go; be careful around the stove, don’t wear loose clothes while cooking, turn the pot handles in so no one pulls it over or bumps into it, use pot holders or hot pads, and if a fire starts in the pan use a hot pad, get a lid, and place it on top of the pan to smother the flames;  there always needs to be a three foot clearance when using a space heater; and if anyone finds matches or a lighter you need to run and tell your mom or dad to put them away.
    Mr. Beach had a contest between the student council and half the teachers to see who was listening and who knew how to stay safe.  The competition was close but over all the student council was the quickest to ring the bell.