Safety week at Art City

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Green Ribbon Safety Week was celebrated at Art City Elementary the week of September 13-17.  Some of the activities the students were involved in were walk to school day, no TV for the week, and an assembly about bike safety.

On "walk to school day" the students walked, biked, rode scooters, and rip-sticks to school.  Those who participated entered their names into a drawing and signed a banner sponsored by the PTA.  The PTA also provided a gorilla that gave high-fives and congratulated students for using their feet and getting exercise.  The students observed cross walks and used side walks
to come to school safely.

Officers Mitchell and Drumm of Springville Police shared their time with the morning and afternoon kindergarten classes and showed their skill of riding their motorcycles through an obstacle course.  The students had fun following them through the course.   The officers taught them about what to do before riding their bikes; like checking chains, tires and brakes, the importance of wearing a helmet and what to do if wearing long pants to stay safe.

Green Ribbon Health & Safety Week was a great success!  We had a lot of kids participate in the activities.  We would like to thank the following for their generous donations:  Springville Pool, Utah County Health Department, Art City PTA and Dr.'s Richard Francis, Dale Hadley, Brian Tuft, Mark Fullmer, Dennis Blume and Robert Perkins.