Sixth-Grade Goes to Space

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Art City Elementary sixth-grade students had the opportunity to go to the Christa Mcauliffe Space Education Center in Pleasant Grove, on Friday, October 14, 2016.  Students had the opportunity to see a state -of-the-art space ship simulator which has the bridge of a star-ship that the students are in control of.  Each person has a unique job that is critical in reaching the end of their mission successfully.  The students were briefed, tasked with mission objectives, and left to make their own choices as they navigate the story together as a crew.  Through the course of their mission they encountered challenges that do not have a fixed solution, requiring them to consider the situation carefully and choose the best option they can come up with. One student commented, "It was way cool, we were in a dome and observed stars then we switched and were in charge of a mission."

Pictures by Kristy Bird