Art City "BIG"

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Every year there seems to be a theme to a school year, last year was the year of the "Pirate" this year it is "Art City Big".  Based off of a story book "Big" by Coleen Paratore and illustrated by Clare Fennell.  The book talks about when you were little you wanted to be BIG.  It talks about how you measure yourself in things and years.  The book goes on to tell how "Those People are wrong." It is more; it is bright, healthy, imaginative, kind, helpful, valuable, earth aware, and community aware.  "Every year, every person . . . gets 365 presents . . . every day we can choose to be little or we can choose to be BIG."  How will we know we have been BIG?  "You won't get a trophy . . . The reward for being BIG is invisible.  It's a pride inside, a feeling of goodness that makes its home in your HEART."  It doesn't happen all at once, it happens in the "little" things we choose to do, thoughts, questions, actions, change, one day at a time.  They add up to a wonderful you.  "How many ways can you think of to be BIG?"