Scam Email Alert

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Unfortunately there are groups out there who send scam emails.  One that has been going around every few months looks like it is coming from me.  It has my name, but the end of the email is not accurate.  This is how the scammers trick people.  This particular scam is saying that I am in a problematic situation and need some gift cards, and to email the gift card info.  I WILL NEVER ASK FOR MONEY OR GIFT CARDS TO BE GIVEN TO ME PERSONALLY!! If there is ever a request for funds of any kind, these funds should be given to the school, never an individual.  

Unfortunately there are other types of email scams that show up regularly.  Please be vigilant and check the entire email address. Never respond, reply or click anything if you feel something seem off or odd.  

If you ever wonder about an email from me, please call the office and check for accuracy.  You can also email me directly.  Don't reply to the email sent as this gets you involved with these criminals.  

Thank you to those informing us.  If you get scam emails, please mark them as spam so that we can help stop this type of dishonesty.


Thank you!!

Mrs. Muirbrook