PTA Service Award 2013

Submitted by julia.murray on

Lori Chandler has been a crossing guard on Center Street for over 23 years and has worked as a sweeper at Art City Elementary School for at least 20 years. Chris Sorensen came to her and offered her a job and asked her how many years she thought she might work, Lori said “Oh, maybe five years”. Lori takes time to teach the Kindergarten how to cross the street. Through the years as she raised her own children she would have them come and help her clean the school, then when they were old enough were also employed as student sweepers in the school. Lori comes from a family with two sisters and one brother; she has four children, three boys and one girl; and she has two grandchildren. Lori likes to read, camp, play softball, loves her family is always kind and is service oriented. Thank you Lori for all you have done for Art City Elementary School. Congratulations on receiving the PTA Service Award! We are grateful for all you do to keep our children safe and keep our school clean.