Nebo School Board Meeting with Art City Student Council

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Student Council students waiting to present at board meeting
Three students coming out of the Board Meeting
All of Student Council lined up with Mrs. Terri Jensen
All of Student Council lined up with Mrs. Terri Jensen and Mrs. Lisa Muirbrook
One student with Mrs. Terri Jensen, Mrs. Lisa Muirbrook and Mrs. Sarah Wills

Art City Elementary School’s student council had the opportunity to go to the NEBO School District Board Meeting on Wednesday November 10.  The student Council shared their school theme for the year, explained a little bit about what they do as a student council at Art City and how they work to create school unity.  They began their presentation by singing the national anthem while signing the words.  They also performed the Art City School Song in word and sign.  Teaching the younger students the school song in word and sign language is one of the ways these students help create school unity.

Terri Jensen is our counselor and the student council advisor. She worked with the students to prepare their songs and remarks. 

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Pictures by Sarah Wills and Terri Jensen