LIFE Life in Future Training

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Slide: LIFT Life in Future Training
Kayla Labrum lifting a bar
Slide: This is our lift process, learn a skill set a goal, so the reps, track our progress
Kayla Labrum lifting a bar with 50 pounds
Slide: Learning a skill and setting a goal doesn't make you great at it. We have to do the reps. We will practice and record our reps each week on the skills we have learned so far.
Kayla Labrum lifting a bar with 100 pounds
Kayla Labrum lifting a bar with 150 pounds
Slide: Do you want to get a great job? If so, are you a great worker? Do you want to graduate college? If so, are you a great student? What is it that makes us great workers or students? Picture: college students in caps and gowns holding a diploma. Picture: children dressed as workers. picture: chairs with the words we want you
Kayla Labrum lifting a bar with 200 pounds
Mrs. Jensen explaining what LIFT is
Kayla Labrum explaining what it takes to be a body builder

Mrs. Jensen, the school counselor, introduced the LIFT program on Tuesday, August 23. LIFT stands for "Life In Future Training".  Students will be learning how to set goals and how to reset goals if they didn't work out the first time.  They will be learning to do repetitions of their goals, just like a bodybuilder does to get stronger.  Lifting one weight at a time won't work, you get stronger by lifting one weight multiple times, which are called reps. The same goes for our goals.  Repeating an action over and over will help them to accomplish their goals.   Mrs. Jensen had her niece, Kayla Labrum, come and show the students how she has achieved her goal of lifting heavy weights by starting small and gradually adding more weight and doing more reps.

Slides by Teri Jensen