Chalk Art by Art City Fourth Grade

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Two students drawing and coloring, with chalk, a rabbit and a sunshine on the sidewalk.
The finished drawing of a bunny, the sun and lots of hand prints.
Two chalk drawings.  One, a self drawn portrait and one An Ode to Peaches:  "Peach you're so cool and with style where . . wana rule peach. . . I'm gunna love you till the very end. Peaches, Peaches, I love you mary . . . a donkey Cartoon a Thousand troops of soldiers couldn't keep me from you.  Peaches ooh peaches I love your, really makes a guy come out of his shell.
two students drawing flowers and creatures
two students drawing flowers and creatures
a student drawing a lizard
a dragon head
one student laying on the ground with arms outstretched, while another student traces around them.
several students drawing on the sidewalk with chalk
two students drawing flowers and creatures
The beginning of a dragon

The fourth grade students had the opportunity to show off their artistic talents with sidewalk chalk!  

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pictures and story by Jaime Huston