Keeping the Peace, Second Grade Program

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Keeping the peace was the theme for the 2nd grade program; they celebrated Martin Luther King, Rosa Park and many others as peace keepers and civil rights leaders. Peace Prize winners were nominated by class peers. This year's Art City Elementary Peace Prize Winners are as follows, not in order in the picture, (teachers' name in parenthesis): 1st Grade: Jacob Gee (Murdock), Daniel Kawai (Luther), Sally Giatras (Wheatley), Gavyn Douglas(Chatterly), Ellee Barton (Campball). 2nd Grade: Kelby Jeppson (Kunzler), Nathan Conrad (Sutton), Ammon Elzinga (Roylance), Maggie VanOrman (Winkel). 3rd Grade: Natalie Mertz (Larsen), Jackie durfey (Orme), Mayzie Brunson (Mills), Emma Wilson (Morgan). 4th Grade: Kadee Allred (Hadlock), Megan Martin (Balser), Jane Shoemaker (Grant). 5th Grade: Taylor Moeaki (Aitken), Austin Jensen (Fluckiger), Jonathan Weeks (Sabey), Ben Leishman (Haslam). 6th Grade: Sadie Ogles (Huffaker), Avery Graves (Gibson), Halle Acor (Perkins), Samantha Allan (Winkleman). Congratulations to all our winners!