Art City Stand Strong January and February

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Each month Art City teachers select two students from their class who have demonstrated Stand Strong behaviors.  Stand Strong Students of the Month are outstanding examples of positive character traits and have shown that they are safe, respectful, and responsible.  Way to go to our January and February Stand Strong Students!!  

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BYU Cougar Built Dunk Team Visits Art City Elementary School

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BYU's Cougar Built Dunk Team came to the school to remind kids to be "Cougar Built".  Being "Cougar Built" means being kind to others and working hard to do good in school.  The students had a lot of fun participating in the activities, cheering for each other and for the dunk team.

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Pictures by: Julia Murray, Clint Cornwall, and Wendy Chang

Spring Picture Day

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Spring Picture Day is taking place on Wednesday, February 21st.   Students will only be taken to have their picture taken if they have a picture packet or if you have ordered a package online prior to picture day.  Please make sure to let your child's teacher know if they need to have their picture taken. 


Picture Day ID: EVTWB9MN6

Art City Elementary 5th Grade Science

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BYU professor Jamie Jensen and a few of her BYU students came to Art City Elementary for a fifth grade science lesson.  BYU students dissected Dogfish sharks as Art City students watched.  Students were excited to see what the sharks had eaten, one student held out an eyeball.  Students discovered that some of the Dogfish sharks had babies and some had eggs.

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