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January 26th - 30th 2015

This year's media safety theme is "Be a Media Detective!"  It's all about making safe choices with media and technology.  Children will be taught skills that will enable them to evaluate what they see, watch, and read. 

They will learn to T. H. I. N. K.  T. Is it True?  H. How does it get my attention?  I. Is it a good choice for me? I can choose!  N.  What are they NOT telling me?  K.  Do I KNOW who made the message and why?  Each day there will be an in-class video and discussion, plus the following activities throughout the week:MONDAY:  Wear your white ribbon on your backpack!TUESDAY:  Wear white!  There will also be an assembly--parents are invited!! (K-3rd 1:00 p.m. and 4th - 6th 1:35 p.m.)FRIDAY:  Wear your Media Detective mustache! (To be earned and given in class.)ALL WEEK:  Bring examples of media for our "What is Media?" banner any morning.Search for "Media Manhunt" poster clues hidden throughout the school and report them to your class.