Sixth-Grade Sock-Hop to Celebrate Valentines Day

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In February the Sixth-grade classes held an old fashioned "Sock-hop" to celebrate Valentines day by exploring what it was like in the Fifties.  There was Karaoke, picture booth, limbo, bubble-gum chewing contest, "50's" Trivia, hand jive and line dance, not to mention the root beer floats and lots of treats.



Pic. 1 Hazel Langton; 13 Aleah Morris, Katie Browder; 39 Jessey Simkins, Sara King, Alexis Gornichec, Chloe Wimmer; 54 Maddy Droubay, Katie Petersen, Chris Ohman, Mark Daybell, Spencer McQueen, Sam Farley; 58 Tanner Gren, Josh Gooch, Nic Hatch, Chandler Adams;

Pictures by Lauren Hatch, and many moms