Sixth-grade Orchestra Performed at Art City Elementary School

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Sixth-grade had the opportunity to share what they have learned during a concert on May 14, 2014. The Sixth-grade students--Violin: Jimmy Avila, Joshua Ball, Caroline Elliott, Hannah Mason, and Quincey Troutman. Viola: Alicia Britt, Emily Clisbee, Spencer Sumsion, and Rebecca Walton. Cello: Olivia Collings, Nathan Langton, Mikayla Robison, and Hanna Thurman--learn to use the string instruments through the year, they have the opportunity to perform Christmas songs in December and then other songs in May. It is always fun to hear how much they improve by May.  The orchestra is directed by Lindsay Priday who comes in on Tuesday mornings and every other Friday at 7:30 a.m. to teach sixth-grade students how to play stringed instruments.  The Sixth-grade then have the opportunity to meet with other schools for a Monster Concert directed by Sam Tsugawa.

Ms Priday expressed gratitude to Mrs. Langton, accompanist!  As well as to the faculty and staff of Art City Elementary, and Jeri Crosby, for their continued support of the orchestra program. She is very appreciative of the students’ parents and families for encouraging the students’ musical development. She is proud of everything the students accomplished in orchestra this year. Best of luck in junior high!

Pictures by ACE Reporters