Seeing Red at Art City Elementary School

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Monday, October 17, 2011, we were seeing a lot of "red" as we kicked off Red Ribbon Week at Art City Elementary School, Springville.  Students were ask to wear as much red as they could to remember to not do drugs.  Red Ribbon Week is an opportunity to do fun things to remind the students there are other things better to do than to take drugs.  We can have fun without the help of artificial stimulants.  "Red Ribbon Week empowers communities and individuals across the US, especially youth, to take a stand for, and make a real commitment to, drug prevention and education. Students at Art City Elementary have made personal commitments to live drug-free, and to be part of a drug-free America." (Partial quote taken from the Foundation for a smoke-Free America).  Students at Art City dressed in Red on Monday, Tuesday they are saying "Boo" to drugs by carving vegetables and pumpkins for display, and Wednesday they are "giving drugs the slip" by wearing their favorite slippers to school. Pictured are students from each class who were wearing the most red in their class.  (Not in this order) Transitional Kindergarten, Amelia Rock; Kindergarten Ryan Zickella, Samantha Fairbanks; First-Grade:  Naomi Connel, Kolby Jepperson, Emme Trunnel, Jack Jarvie; Second-Grade: Bella Farr, Alliya Webster, Beau Brunson, Dianna Sosa,Megan Clisbee; Third Grade: Brooklyn Buckman, Kyler Jepperson, Cathay Poulsen, Jacob Sanders; Fourth-Grade: Garrison Casewell, Keller Rock, Gage Coleman; Fifth Grade:  Shelby Markham, Andrew Hammond; Ian Jarvie; Sixth-Grade: Matt Keyser, Cooper Murray, and Spencer Mcqueen.