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The 2010 Reflections recognition at Art City Elementary, was held on Friday, October 29. Reflections is a contest that inspires students to participate in art. Awards were given in several categories including 3-dimensional art, photography, choreography, and music composition. Eighty-nine students participated in Reflections. A few of the students advanced to the next level (District). Everyone who participated received a gift bag the students who moved onto the District level received a medal. Thank you Art City PTA for sponsoring the Reflections competition.
Students who advanced to The District level are as follows: Literature: Jacob Gee, Tristan McAfee, Kaitlyn Gee, Emily Mason. Musical Composition: Caleb Smith, Rebecca Walton. Photography: Kortland Dugovic, Kamree Corry, Isaac Englund, Audrey Kimball, Samantha Sorensen. Visual Arts: Isaiah Cieslewicz, George Holm, Katie Petersen, Luke Carter, Tess Fisher. Dance/Choreography: Samantha Sorensen. Three-Dimensional Art: Lily Holladay, Khristian Buhler, Rebekah Holladay. Theater: Tristan McAfee.
Article by Brandon Garnica

Article by Brandon Garnica