A Note from the Principal

Submitted by natalie.bailey on Fri, 03/27/2020 - 11:35

March 26, 2020
How are you doing? I think about you and the students every day, all day! This is such
an odd, frustrating, scary time. Yet there are so many things that have been beautiful,
touching and wonderful. I sincerely hope you are able to hold on to the little blessings
of this struggle.
I am going to try and keep my emails minimal – teachers are doing such a wonderful
job of communicating with you. I know you are getting bombarded from all sides.
However, please email or call if you have any questions, concerns or problems! I am
here to help and support in any way I can.
A few things to keep in mind:
• Each day is considered a ‘school day’. Teachers are taking documentation of
students who complete assignments, and those who are not. We want each
child to continue to learn and grow.
• Your child’s teacher is working many more hours than ever before to provide
continued instruction. Please communicate with them if your child is frustrated.
• This is new territory for us all! We know you are trying to manage your own work,
home and children learning at home. So are we. The balancing act is so hard!!
Teachers are learning new technology. You are learning how to access this new
technology. Thank you so very much for your patience and support. It makes all
the difference!!
• Your child’s teacher is VERY concerned for every single student in her class! They
worry, stress, cry and wonder how to make sure the kids are doing ok. They miss
‘their kids’ more than ever! They are working hard to have meaningful and
enjoyable learning activities.
• As of now we will be continuing at home learning until at least May 1. We will
adjust, adapt and continue to provide instruction.
• Spring Break is still Spring Break. Teachers and students will not have at home
assignments/work from April 6-10.
Please watch our Facebook page and our homepage (artcity.nebo.edu) for
information. We will continue to put all updates on our home page. Please post and
comment on our Facebook page. We love to see the pictures and videos of the things
happening at home. We are working on posting some fun videos of our staff. Making
videos for learning has been interesting, frustrating and downright funny sometimes.
Then there are the times we just want to do something fun to lighten the load. Watch
for those videos coming soon on Facebook.

Stay well, safe and healthy.

Mrs. Muirbrook