Mrs. Morgan's Nursery Rhymes

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Mrs. Morgan's Kindergarten class at Art City Elementary School has been studying nursery rhymes to help the students review rhyming. Mrs. Morgan said, "We have read and reread nursery rhymes to develop fluency, read sight words in context, and experience another type of text.  We also had many teaching points with vocabulary such as curds and whey and full score.  I had the kids prepare a rhyme to present on Nursery Rhyme day to help them develop their speaking skills—to speak audibly and clearly.  The students could dress up or bring a prop to add to their presentations.  They memorized their rhymes.  We also rewrote Jack and Jill together to make a new rhyme and presented it to our parents on rhyme day.  (It gave us a chance to generate ideas, look for rhyming words, write, revise, and edit.)"  Nursery Rhyme day is a day to be a character and enjoy the moment of expressing themselves. 

Pictures by Jill Hyde Article content by Alisa Morgan