Mrs. Huffaker’s 6th Grade Class Has a Blast making Sweet Color Wheels!

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On Monday January 10, 2011, at Art City Elementary, Mrs. Huffaker’s 6th grade class is hurrying in their classroom, preparing to enjoy what must be one of the greatest art projects the world has ever seen! Draping a tablecloth on top of their grouped desks, setting down huge cups full to the top with red, blue, and yellow frosting, positioning the first sugar wafer cookies in a triangle, these groups of students are going to use their art talents (and their sweet teeth) to make frosted cookie color wheels!

The four-classmate teams take turns mixing frosting, icing the cookies, and setting them into place on their edible color wheel! The 6th graders love this non-math assignment! Starting with the three primary colors, red, yellow, and blue, the groups stir frosting (and lick fingers) to create a beautiful circle of frosted sugar wafers. Every 6th grader gladly helps create the savory masterpiece.

Mouths water uncontrollably as the color wheels grow larger and larger, the 6th graders yearning to dig into the cookies set right in front of them. As more colors are added, and the color wheels grow, the frosting cups are slowly drained. The sweet smells of sugary cookies fill the air. The color wheels are finished. The classmates each snatch their share of blue, green, purple and red wafers from the color wheel. What a scrumptious activity!

By Brinn Patton