Mrs. Christi Babbitt Visits Journalism Students at Art City Elementary School

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Wednesday, February 1, 2012, Mrs. Christi Babbitt came to Art City Elementary to talk to the Journalism Club about her job as the editor and part owner of the Springville Independent Newspaper. Knowing how important it is to get to read what is happening around town and in our schools; Mrs. Babbitt and a group of friends started the Springville Independent News, last June, a few months after the Springville Herald was shut down. The Independent News is a subscription newspaper, which means you pay to have it sent to your home or you may pay at a store.

Mrs. Babbitt receives articles from emails and hand delivered written events. Writers often have to go looking for something to write about. While writing one story they will often ask “Do you know of anything interesting going on around town?” Mrs. Babbitt compared putting a paper together to feeding a giant green monster; it is always hungry, it never goes on vacation, and there is always a deadline and expectations to be met. Mrs. Babbitt reads through every article that comes into the newspaper. She has the opportunity to choose what she thinks is the most important, eye catching stories to go on the front and back pages, which are in color.

The Art City Journalists had the opportunity to have a sneak peek into Thursday’s paper and see how the lay-out of what the paper looks like before it was sent to Liberty Press in Springville. At Liberty Press they have a machine called a Web Press, it has rollers that large spools, approx three feet wide news print paper, weaves through. To get a color page the paper passes through four different colors.

Thank you, Mrs. Babbitt for sharing your time and your talents with the Art City Elementary Journalists.




written by Emmelia Cieslewicz, Shelby Markham and Isaiah Cieslewicz; Pictures by Brandon Garnica and Jane Shoemaker