Mr. Warner of Art City Recieves the Excellence in Service Award

Submitted by julia.murray on Thu, 03/24/2016 - 12:59
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Mr. Warner of Art City was honored March 23, 2016 by the Area PTA for the outstanding service he gives to Art City Elementary school.  Mrs. Kim Droubay and Miss Patti Parker wrote a poem in honor of his service.

Mr. Mark from Spanish Fark

At Art City School I work each day,to wipe each dab of dirt away.I search for bits of grit and grime,specks of mud and drops of slime.I wash the walls and vacuum the floors,shine the knobs and scrub the doors,Change the light bulbs when they are out,and then I just wait about....The students call me Mr. Warner.I know the school's every corner,.By far the hardest job I dois keeping up with every shoe.Every day I plop my mopinto my pail filled to the top.I swab the lunchroom with suds galoreto clean the food mess off the floor.Up and down the tables must goday after day my muscles grow.Out the kids go to play at last.Now I must clean up really fast!I climb atop my floor machine.It makes me feel really "mean".I don't just clean the lunchroom mess.The teachers also have distress.Moving tables,desks and chairs,I do for them because I care.I help with programs, plays and such.I love his school SO VERY MUCH!Kindergarten really keeps me moppingwith paint and snacks I'm always hopping.There's more to do outside the school:Bike chains, fences, graffiti and poo.The riding lawn mower is a personal faveunless I drive over a sprinkler head.....Coats, jackets, jump ropes and balls,scattered around the grounds and halls.Cleaning windows, blowing leaves in the fall.It takes awhile to take care of it all.All of these things I do outside.For Art City School I do it with pride.Joy of Joys! My lucky day!The children have all gone away!A sigh of relief I finally can breath.But then I realize I have no reprieve.I will clean all summer long for you.Because that's what good custodians do!