Judy Luther--Crystal Apple Recipient for 2012-2013

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Judy Luther was born in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania and spent her early childhood there and loved it!  During her school year ages she lived in Springfield Illinois, the Land of Lincoln.  Judy attended Rick’s College and BYU.This is Judy’s fourth year teaching 1st grade.  She taught music for three years before teaching 1st grade.Judy’s mom inspired her to become a teacher.  Her mom would often tell her she had a talent with children.   She had a very nurtured childhood and was encouraged to have a love for learning and creating at an early age.  As Judy grew older, she decided to pursue a teaching career with the hopes to nurture a love for learning in children.   She was also interested in pursuing the field of education because of the creative outlet it provides.Judy and her husband will be celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary this August!  They have four children, which she loves dearly.When Judy first started teaching, the principal that hired her said, “Teaching is like being a mother; the work is never done.” Judy said.  “This has helped me give myself permission to leave school at the end of the day” Judy said this about teaching: “I don’t know that I have a specific favorite moment in teaching.  The times I love the most are when the children are creating and discovering.  They are happy, quiet and productively engaged in the learning process.  This brings joy to my heart!”Congratulations Judy for being this year’s Crystal Apple recipient.