Have You Filled a Bucket Today? February 24, 2012

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Have you filled a bucket today? Art City Elementary School, in Springville, has a goal to be bucket fillers not dippers. This week's Bucket Fillers are: (not pictured in order not all pictured):  Kindergarten: Carson Kinyon, Britain Petersen, Jack Madon, Carson Edwards,  Michael White.  First-grade:  Jason Marcum, Sophie Welch, Corbin Fears, John Mitchell, Ryan Conrad, Gabe Morris, Carson Fairbanks.  Second-grade:  Nathaniel Leishman, Dianna Sosa, Becca Newman, Beau Brunson, Isaac Miles, Alliya Webster, Logan Tanner, Jack O Donnell.  Third-grade:  Charlie Brinchley, Braxton Gates, Michelle Pioquinto, MaKayla Richins, Tiare Cromar, Cody Creighton, Justyn Mitchell, Michael Tanner; Fourth-grade:  Logan Barksdale, Rebecca Walton, Christopher Jessop, Jonathan Mortensen, Jaqueline Reyes, Natalee Moore.  Fifth-grade:   Abbi Smith, Allison Kina, Destinie Clarke, Britton Borget, Rocky Sawyer, Kevin Sumsion.  Sixth-grade:  Thomas Mills, Kaylee Browder, Kadee Alred, Maddie Webster, Abby Kawai, Kaden Jepperson.