The Eagles’ Flight Walk-a-thon 2013 is Coming up

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Art City PTA, in Springville, will hold a school-wide Walk-a-thon fundraiser, The Eagles’ Flight, for the 2013-14 school year.  The event will also be held in conjunction with the Worldwide Day of Play (sponsored in part by Nickelodeon) and is aimed to encourage students towards a more active, healthy lifestyle. 

                On the day of the Walk-a-thon, there will be signs to mark the different starting points and the information will also be indicated on each student’s lap card.  The students will have their lap cards marked at that same location. When the Walk-a-thon is completed, the lap cards and lanyards are collected from students totals are recorded on a class list of how many laps each student ran and returned to the PTA. The students can then keep their lap cards.

Incentives will be offered to encourage the students in collecting donations or pledges, and grade-level prizes will be given for those who complete the most number of laps during the event.  All money raised will go toward school technology improvements, classroom supplies (each class gets 10% of their own proceeds), and PTA sponsored programs.  Fundraising is optional. Whether the students collect money for the fundraiser or not, all will be given the opportunity to walk/run, all students will receive a coupon to Classic Fun Center for participation and all will be eligible for prize drawings. Important dates in connection with the event are:

  • October 4th- The Eagles’ Flight Walk-a-thon: Students will walk/run for a total of 45 min. and 8 laps is equivalent to one mile.  Grades K-3 are assigned to the field from 9:30-10:30 a.m. and grades 4-6 (with afternoon kindergarten) from 1:00-2:00 p.m. Water will be provided, but students are welcome to bring their own water bottles if they like. Parents are more than welcome to come and “cheer on” their children!
  • October 18th-Awards Assembly: If a school-wide goal of $6,000 is met, students will witness a “Minute to Win It” competition between Mrs. Nielsen and some of the teachers.  There will also be a surprise guest appearance!

The list of prizes are as follows:

  • School goal of $6,000 reached—Mrs. Nielsen will compete in “Minute to Win It” games with winning collections class teacher and winning lap average teacher at the awards assembly on October 18th
  • 10% of proceeds earned by each class will be given to teachers to buy supplies for their own classroom
  • 1 Grand Prize Money Collector—Bounce House rental and out to lunch at Magleby’s with Mrs. Nielson in a Limo
  • Five Top Money Collectors—Out to lunch at Magleby’s with Mrs. Nielson in a Limo
  • First Place Distance Walked per grade (boy and girl)—Out to get an ice cream cone in a Limo
  • $100 Club—Any student collecting $100 or more will get to pick a prize from the $100 Club table (BYU stuff, games, Razor scooters, gift certificates, etc.)
  • all participants receive a coupon to Classic Fun Center
  • Donation collection drawing—An iPod Shuffle for 1 lower and 1 upper grade student


We look forward to The Eagles’ Flight. If you have any questions or would like to volunteer please contact Laurel Harker @ 801-489-9710.



Pictures from 2011 Lori Nielsen and Julia Murray