BYU Theatre Group visits Art City Elementary School

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The BYU Theatre group "The Glorious Story Emporium" visited Art City Elementary school on Tuesday December 12, 2017.  The Theatre group started with a basic story then asked students for various ideas to make the story theirs.   An adventurer had gone into the woods and met some wolves that were being ruled by a pixy queen; the twisting of the plot made wolves good and not bad. A problem was presented then resolved resulting in everyone being happy.

Although it is Young Company’s first fully improvised show, it is still fully produced. “The Glorious Story Emporium” is equipped with costumes and props that can be used in multiple ways. The actors have a lot to draw from to create new fairy tales every performance.

“It does not look like an improv show. It is full, lush and the team that created the sets and costumes were challenged to be creative as possible, which is a rare opportunity when designing a show,” said Livingston.