Art City's Black Belt Recorder Concert

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All of the students that had earned a black belt in Mrs. Lisa Gervais music class at Art City Elementary were invited to participate in playing in front of the school on May 14, 2014. Mrs. Gervais the Music teacher, uses the program "Recorder Karate by Barb Philipak". 
            This year is Mrs. Gervais's second year teaching music at Art City Elementary School. Mrs. Gervais uses the book "Recorder Karate" By Barb Philipak it teaches students how to play the recorder with simple lessons and amazing motivation, using ribbons representing "belts" as they pass off songs they earn a "belt". White, "Hot Cross Buns; Yellow, "Gently Sleep"; Orange is "Merrily We Roll Along"; Green, "It' Raining"; Purple, "Old MacDonald had a Farm"; Blue, "When the Saints Go Marching In"; Red, "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star"; Brown, "Amazing Grace"; and Black, "Ode to Joy".  
             Recorders gained popularity in schools in the 1950′s and are still a great instrument to teach to young children today. Students learn rhythms, how to read music… and how to put those two together along with fingerings. They also learn phrasing, breathing, tonguing, melody and many other musical concepts. (Posted by admin on February 9, 2011 in Elementary Music Teacher Blog)  Some schools only teach the Recorder for one year, at Art City students receive Recorders in the fourth-grade and continue using them through the sixth-grade, when they get to keep them.