Art City Student Counsel attend BYU Leadership Camp

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Some of the Student Council members, of Art City Elementary, Springville, Utah,  were able to visit the Student Council Leadership Conference at Brigham Young University (BYU)  on Wednesday, October 16th.  The members that were eligible to attend were President- Jonathan Mortensen, Vice President- Kinzie Lewis, Secretary- Ammon Elzinga, and Historian- Kyle Soter.   The students had the opportunity to listen to several motivational speakers such as John Bytheway, Jason Hewlett, Brad Barton, and Ryan Radebaugh.  They had fun playing team/cooperative learning games with Student Council members from all across Utah.  Jonathon Mortensen shared, "My favorite speech would probably be John Bytheway's.  He talked about keeping your "invisible backpack" light.  He said when bad things go in your backpack it makes it heavier.  So if you keep on the positive side of life, your back pack will be lighter.  Another favorite was Jason Hewlett, he talked about keeping your thoughts in your heart and not in your head;  that means to not think about what other people  think about you and just act like yourself."  Ammon Elzinga shared, "One of my favorite parts of the BYU Leadership Conference was with Jason in the Head to Heart session, I liked it because Jason was very funny, especially when he  told us about what happened when he was in Kindergarten on the bus.  I also loved John Bytheway's lecture of making our "backpack" light he also told us about his story when he donated his kidney to his brother, the experiences he shared and the way he told the story was hilarious."

Pictures by Natalie Larsen, written by Natalie Larsen, Jonathon Mortensen, and Ammon Elzinga