Art City Kindergarten Celebrates Thanksgiving

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Thursday and Friday, November 17 and 18, 2011, the Kindergarten, at Art City Elementary school, in Springville, were dressed as Pilgrims and Indians in remembrance of the first Thanksgiving.  The students had opportunities to be a pilgrim and make butter for bread, washed clothes on a wash board, sewed on a button to make a pocket and played old fashioned games, the next day they were Indians they popped popcorn, ground corn, made a pot with clay, read stories in a teepee, made “beaded” necklaces using pasta, banged on drums and danced around the teepee.   The smile on their faces said it all.  Mrs. Miner, Mrs. Morgan and Mr. Waadt would like to thank all those who helped.

Pictures by Amelia Trunnell and Shelby Markham