Art City Elementary School Presents Hannah Beus

Submitted by julia.murray on Wed, 09/13/2017 - 09:36
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Hi my name is Hannah Beus.  I graduated from Jacobs High School in Illinois and Brigham Young University.  This is my first year teaching. I am so excited to be teaching third-grade!!  I was born in Pennsylvania. I grew up in Colorado, Japan, and Illinois (Chicago area).  I live in Provo. My family now lives in Houston. In other words, I miss Chicago deep dish.  My parents are basically Chip and Joanna Gaines minus the farm and plus a few kids. I am the oldest of six children, with one married sister and four brothers. I'm single. My identical twin brothers are coming to Brigham Young University in the fall as freshman and I'm excited to show them around the area.  Fun fact: If I had decided to teach fifth-grade in Houston I could have had my youngest brother in my class this year. He said that was weird. I said it would have been fun, for me.  My favorite things to do outside of school include: reading anything I can get my hands on, writing the novel I've been working on for 10 years, watching and quoting movies, doing family history, listening to Imagine Dragons, and doing anything involving the word "competition"--whether or not I actually stand a chance.