Art City Elementary School Lunch Ladies

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Meet the Art City Elementary School lunch ladies.  Alyc'e Johnson is our lunch supervisor and clerk.  Everyday she will greet you with a smile as you enter your lunch number.  Alyc'e is from American Fork, Utah and now lives in Mapleton, Utah.  She has four children and five grand children.  Her favorite thing to do is to go camping.

Janet Schramm is the lunch transport, which means she drives the van to pick up your breakfast and lunch every day.  Janet is from Salem, Utah and now lives in Springville.  She has two children.  Her favorite thing to do is travel with her family and her favorite place to visit is Yellowstone.

Debbie Buddle works hard in the lunch room preparing breakfast and lunch everyday.  She is the mother of 11 children so she feels right at home with the bustle of all of the students who help in the lunchroom.  Debbie is from Orem, Utah and now lives in Springville.  Her favorite trip she's ever taken was along the East coast when she was able to see the Statue of Liberty.  She loves Italian food. 

Thank you ladies for all you do for our school!