6th-Grade Hershey Track Meet

Submitted by julia.murray on Tue, 04/24/2012 - 10:19

Thursday April 19th at the Springville High School, elementary schools gathered for the Hershey Track meet and wether rain or shine the Hershey Track Meet goes on, the day started a little sunny, but then the clouds moved in and all but the final 100 meter dash had to be finished, and the good sports they were the Sixth-grade students finished in the pouring rain.  Everyone had their lunches under trees and bleachers, as soon as they were done the sun came out and ended up being a gorgeous day.  This group of Sixth-grade, when they were in Third-grade had hail and as Sixth-graders finished with rain.  Way to go Sixth-grade, we can't wait to see what happens through your next six years. The results of the Hershey Track Meet for Art City Elementary are as follows:  Boys 1600 meter:  Chris Ohman First-place with 6:35:72.  Boys 800 Meter:  Nicholas Crookston First-place with 2:52:43; Ben Schreiner Third-place with 2:55:30;and Parker Swift Fourth-place with 3:03:38.  Girls 100 Meter McKenna Anderson Third-place with 15:70.  Girls Long Jump:  Madelyn Droubay First-place with 78 inches; Tristan McAfee Second-place with 75 inches.  Girls Softball Throw:  Jenna Sokolowski with 110 feet and 2 inches.  Boys Softball Throw:  Tanner Huber with 165 feet.