5th Place at State Chess Tournament goes to Art City Elementary

Submitted by julia.murray on Tue, 03/22/2011 - 12:17
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On Saturday, March 19, 2011, Art City Elementary joined 82 other Elementary Schools, 12 students represented Art City competing with approximately 300 plus elementary school students in the Utah State Elementary Chess Tournament held at the University of Utah campus. They competed against the best and the brightest across the state and did extremely well. Those who participated were:
Paul Carter (1st Grade): 6th place; Jason Elzinga (1st Grade): 8th place;Gabe DeGruccio (2nd Grade): 4th place; Fuiva Moala (2nd Grade): participation medal (2.5 points; Monte Taylor (3rd Grade): 7th place; Ammon Elzinga (3rd Grade): 12th place; Garrison Caswell (3rd Grade): 16th place; Luke Carter (3rd Grade): Outstanding trophy (3.5 pts; Kolby Carter (4th Grade): participation medal (2.5 pts);Max Riche (6th Grade): 5th place; Jeffrey Taylor (6th Grade): 14th place; Steven Elzinga (6th Grade): Outstanding trophy (3 pts)

The top four scores from each school contributed toward the team totals. This year Art city earned an amazing 18.5 points and secured 5th Place out of the 82 schools represented at the tournament! We are very proud of our students and their achievements. We would like to thank Mr. Taylor Mr. Elzinga and all the other parent volunteers as well for all their help which made it a fantastic year for our chess club. Also, thank you Mary Lynn, and Lori Nielson for your support of this program.
Also, 5 schools from Nebo School District placed in the top 20:
Taylor Elementary (20th place)
Brockbank Elementary (19th place)
Sage Creek Elementary (16th place)
Mapleton Elementary (13th place)
Another great year! Thank you for your support!