September 2022

School Pictures on September 13th

Submitted by natalie.bailey on Tue, 09/06/2022 - 10:55

Don't forget school pictures on September 13th.  Your child will be bringing home a packet this week.  If you'd like to prepay online go to and put in our Picture Day ID: EVTVFCXQ4.  Even if you aren't purchasing a picture packet, every student should have their picture taken for the yearbook and to update their student photo in Infinite Campus.

LIFE Life in Future Training

Submitted by julia.murray on Fri, 09/02/2022 - 13:09

Mrs. Jensen, the school counselor, introduced the LIFT program on Tuesday, August 23. LIFT stands for "Life In Future Training".  Students will be learning how to set goals and how to reset goals if they didn't work out the first time.  They will be learning to do repetitions of their goals, just like a bodybuilder does to get stronger.  Lifting one weight at a time won't work, you get stronger by lifting one weight multiple times, which are called reps. The same goes for our goals.  Repeating an action over and over will help them to accomplish their goals.   Mrs.

Slides by Teri Jensen