Art City places First in the District Chess Tournament

Submitted by julia.murray on Wed, 03/09/2011 - 22:33

Art City Elementary School places first at the District Chess Tournament.  The students that placed at the tournament are as follows:  1st Grade:  Jason Elzinga (1st Place); Paul Carter (2nd Place); 2nd Grade: Gabe DeGruccio (2nd Place); 3rd Grade:  Ammon Elzinga (1st Place); Monte Taylor (2nd Place); Garrison Caswell (4th Place);  Luke Carter (5th Place); 4th Grade:  Kolby Carter (5th Place); 6th Grade:  Max Riche (1st Place); Steven Elzinga (2nd Place); Jeffrey Taylor (8th Place).  David Taylor and Brett Elzinga are the coaches that teach the students how to play chess, Mary Lynn Lewis ha

Art City Celebrates Dr. Seuss Day

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Art City Elementary School, on Wednesday March 2, celebrated Dr. Seuss day by eating green eggs and ham, creating “Cat in The Hat” hats, and reading.  The students brought blankets pillows, and books, lots and lots of books.  Dr. Seuss’s Birthday was celebrated on this day as  many students across America read.

The Sixth grade learn about Career choices

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The Sixth Grade students at Art City Elementary School, Springville, recently had a “College-Career day”.  Parents came in and shared what they do and what some of the careers are for them to choose from.  There was a Kick Boxing demonstration for those who may be interested in teaching Kick Boxing.  There was a Child Development class, a mom shared treats a story and gave each student a balloon “Baby” to care for the rest of the day . . . not many survived past the first hour.  The favorite class was given by  Mr.

RRR Where's Yer "or" Words?

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At Art City Elementary, in Springville, “Captain Wheatley” (Robin Wheatley 1st grade teacher) is searching with her students for some “or” words, they were given a clue that there was a fork on a door. “RRR thank ya matey” was their reply as they traveled down the hall to find more “or” words.

Art City Wanted Readers

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Wanted Readers! DeAnna Lindsey, the librarian at Art City
Elementary in Springville, caught a few students reading
this week. Our wanted readers are: Savannah Pope and Anne
Rawle 2nd grade Nicole Sanders 5th grade, Hiedi
Kendrick, 2nd grade teacher, Tristan McAfee 5th grade,
Maggie Van Orman, 3rd grade. Keep reading students, you
may get caught.

Excellence in Service Award to Our Lunch Ladies

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Art City Elementary school PTA awarded the lunch ladies, Kim Crews, Sue Olsen, Valerie Talbot, and Candy Daniels, with the “Excellence in Service Award” on February 16, 2011.   Students shared thoughts about the lunch ladies, “I love our lunch ladies because they prepare the best food.” “I love the fresh fruits and vegetables they cut up for us every day.” “Our lunch ladies are always kind and friendly, they smile even when someone drops their lunch tray or spills milk.” “Our lunch ladies are the best because they care about us and the things we eat.”  “The lunch ladies never forget our nam

Art City School celebrates 100 days of school

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Art City Elementary, Springville, celebrated the 100th day of school on Friday, February 4, 2011. Students at Art City celebrated the 100th day of school by playing games and making creative art projects. Mrs. Sutton’s second grade class made paper glasses that looked like 100. In Mrs. Chatterly’s first grade class, she read a book called “100 Ways to Get to 100”. Mrs. Luther’s first grade class did 100 types of exercises. Mrs. Orme’s third grade class used their 100 chart to count their cereal. What a fun way to celebrate 100 days of school. Yeah we only have 77 more days of school!!

Article and pictures by Savannah Dayton and Alivia Birch