Walk More in Four Winners, Art City Elementary​, Springvill​e

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During the month of September students throughout the state of Utah were asked by The Utah Department of Transportagion SNAP's "Walk More in Four" challenge. Nearly 8,000 Utah students successfully walked to and from school at least three times each week during September. Students were entered into a drawing and the winners received a "SNAP, Walk'n Roll" CD soundtrack. The winners from Art City Elementary School, Springville, are as follows: Quincie, Ross, Adalyn, Lexi, and Robert.

The Museum on the Move

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The Museum on the Move (MoM), presented by the Museum of Natural History, visited the Fourth-grade classes of Art City Elementary School on October 1, 2012.

The purpose of the MoM is so classes can look through microscopes and learn about fossilized skulls and feathers as well as rocks and other related items.

Written by: Lauren Negus Mrs. Hadlock's class 4th grade and Julia Murray; Pictures by: Debbie Hadlock and Kathy Wride

Art City Third-grade Visits Utah Lake State Park

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On September 27, 2012 the third-grade classes from  Art City Elementary School had the opportunity to go to Utah Lake State Park.  While on their trip to Utah Lake State Park, the 3rd-graders met with Ranger Allen, who told them what park rangers do and how to stay safe while having fun outdoors.  The students went through the visitor's center and learned about the history of Utah Lake.  They learned about how people used the lake in the past and how we use the lake now.  They also learned about resources and animal species in and around Utah Lake.  They were able to go on a nature walk wit

Story and pictures by McKell Murdock

Picking Pumkins at Art City Elementary School

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McKell Murdock's third-grade class headed out to the school garden to harvest our PUMPKINS!  As we harvested, we listed nouns, adjectives and verbs that related to pumpkins.  Each student picked a small pumpkin (to be used for their term 1 book report) and as a class we picked two HUGE pumpkins. We love the garden!

Story and Pictures by McKell Murdock

Tyler Whitesides Author of Janitors Visits the Third Grade at Art City Elementary School

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The first week of school Mckell Murdock's third-grade class did an author study on Tyler Whitesides the author of the book Janitors. We started reading his book Janitors as a class read-a-loud.  Janitors is about a young boy, Spencer, who finds out his school is full of magical creatures (toxites) that inhibit the childrens' learning. Miss Murdock's class is really liking this book so far!

Pictures and Story by McKell Murdock