All students will learn at high levels and make adequate yearly growth.


Art City teachers are unified collaborators who support the success of ALL learners.


Design and implement lessons that include rigorous tasks that support high cognitive skills.

Art City Elementary School's Teacher of the Year

Submitted by julia.murray on Wed, 03/28/2012 - 21:12
Ginger Dutson is a master teacher in every way. She is well known for going “above and beyond” what is expected in everything she does. She has held numerous leadership positions throughout her 14 year teaching career and serves as the Special Education Department Chair. Ginger holds a Bachelor of Science degree in elementary education and special education. She also holds a Master of Education degree and several endorsements including English language learners, reading and math. She has taught regular education, English language learners, resource and self-contained students.

It Pay's to Read

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Art City Elementary School on Friday, February 3, 2012, held their semiannual “It Pays to Read” assembly, as students read they put their names in for drawings. Students’ names are drawn out to shoot or to receive books. The students shoot from the $1 line then choose teachers or our special guest, Cosmo to stand at the $2, $3, $4, and $5 line. The following students found out that it “pays” to read.

Pictures by Lauren Hatch

Sixth-Grade Sock-Hop to Celebrate Valentines Day

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In February the Sixth-grade classes held an old fashioned "Sock-hop" to celebrate Valentines day by exploring what it was like in the Fifties.  There was Karaoke, picture booth, limbo, bubble-gum chewing contest, "50's" Trivia, hand jive and line dance, not to mention the root beer floats and lots of treats.



Pictures by Lauren Hatch, and many moms

Moms, Muffins, and Math at Art City Elementary Third-Grade

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Art City Elementary School, Springville—the Third grade classes had a “Moms, Muffins, and Math Morning,” on Friday March 9, 2012.  Moms came in and the students showed their moms how they could do math while enjoying a muffin. Moms were wowed by the activities and games their children were engaged in.  Thank you, moms for taking time out of your busy mornings to come and do math with us.

Pictures by Jen Follette

Have You Filled A Bucket Today?

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Have you filled a bucket today?  Art City Elementary School, in Springville, has a goal to be bucket fillers not dippers.  This week's Bucket Fillers are: (not pictured in order) Kindergarten:  Morgan Johnson, Rachel Mason, John Ferrin, Afton Ogles; First-grade:  Paiton Collins, Andy Lassiter, Jocelyn Hunt, Nathan Wilding, Savannah King, John Mitchell, Kolby Jepperson, Quincie Barton, Cody, Andreasen; Second-grade: Zach Kammerman, Allie Harris, Kayla Ramirez, Braedan Hunt, Becca Newman, Noah Moeaki, Lauren Stratton, Mitchell Van Orman; Third-grade:  Joel Gonzalos, Amanda Gardner, Lily Morri

Nebo School District Annual Chess Tournament

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Nebo School District, on February 25, 2012, sponsored the annual District Chess Tournament.  The tournament was hosted by Cherry Creek Elementary School.  Thanks goes to Mary Lynn Lewis, David Taylor helped organize, Brett Elzinga helped with pairing and scores and Principal Chad Argyle supervised, not to mention all of the parents and teachers who spend many hours teaching students how to play chess and were there to coach, judge and support the students.  The following are the results for the top 12 places:   Schools:  First-- ART CITY ELEMENTARY SCHOOL, Second-- HOBBLE CREEK ELEMENTARY,

Pictures by Caleb Garnica and Gabe Halgrow

Have You Filled a Bucket Today? March 2, 2012

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Have you filled a bucket today?  Art City Elementary School, in Springville, has a goal to be bucket fillers not dippers.  This week's Bucket Fillers are: (not pictured in order not all pictured):  Kindergarten: Ruby Logan, Ella Murphy, Kona Hiatt, Ammon Anderson;  First-Grade:  Travis Gervais, Braelyn Newberry, Lexi Krochta, Georgia Dial, Gannon Raminger, Josh Kamahu, Caitlin Johnson, Brooke Constantine, Quincy Gressman; Second-grade:  Jody Alvey, Rylee Andreasen, Josh Harker, Valeria Montelongo, Jacob Crookston, Jacob Tijerina, Nico Elliott, Ross Wilson; Third-grade:  Braxton Gates, Jane