How do you celebrate Veterans?

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 Art City Elementary, Springville, Utah, celebrated Veterans today.  The Student Council and Counselor, Teresa Winkler,  presented the flag and shared poems, pictures, and thoughts of veterans. The students sang along to Lee Greenwood's song "God Bless the USA".  Mrs. Winkler recited the Gettysburg address, in celebration of the 150 years since it was given by President Abraham Lincoln.  Mrs. Nielsen had students in all grades to write what it means to be an American. The following were picked from each grade level:

Kindergarten Celebrates Halloween

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On October 29, 2013  Art City Elementary kindergarten classes performed in a Halloween Program. Songs include: Halloween what does it mean?; Five Little Pumpkins; Ghost Toast Orange Pumpkin; Little Ghost; Jack-O-Lantern Poem; In the Pot; Diddle-Dee; Little Witch; Witch Poem; Witch With an Itch; Halloween is almost here; SHUSH!!!; Fly Little Bats; Five Little Bats; Ghost of John; High in Air; Dark, Dark House; Time to trick or treat; and Halloween! Art City was proud of the kindergarteners for celebrating Halloween while showing school spirit! (Izzie Bagley).

Written by Izzie Bagley 4th-grade and Jimmy Avila 6th-grade

Art City Reading Adventures

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Art City Elementary went on a reading adventure! The families discovered a cool place to find hot books at our Scholastic Book fair October 21-24. Families came with their students on family night and journyed back to Ancient Egypt to an oasis overflowing with fun, even Mrs. Lori Nielsen joined in the fun; they also found affordable books on Tuesday, October 22 from 5:00-6:00 pm. The week long party included a special late night of shopping on Thursday, October 24. Thank you everyone for coming and supporting the Book Fair. 


Pictures by Jefferson and Jimmy Avila

Art City Student Counsel attend BYU Leadership Camp

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Some of the Student Council members, of Art City Elementary, Springville, Utah,  were able to visit the Student Council Leadership Conference at Brigham Young University (BYU)  on Wednesday, October 16th.  The members that were eligible to attend were President- Jonathan Mortensen, Vice President- Kinzie Lewis, Secretary- Ammon Elzinga, and Historian- Kyle Soter.   The students had the opportunity to listen to several motivational speakers such as John Bytheway, Jason Hewlett, Brad Barton, and Ryan Radebaugh.  They had fun playing tea

Pictures by Natalie Larsen, written by Natalie Larsen, Jonathon Mortensen, and Ammon Elzinga

Brigham Young University Education Students get hands on experience.

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Art City Elementary School and Brigham Young University (BYU) are partners in teaching and developing amazing teachers, BYU students came to Art City.  The professors model what they want their students to do then various Art City Students are invited in to participate.  The BYU students then give mini lessons and discuss it with their Art City students.  In the past Dr.

Pictures by Lori Nielsen, principal

Pumpkin Land Adventures for the Art City Kindergarten

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On Tuesday October 8, 2013 The Kindergarten classes, from Art City Elementary, Mrs. Morgan, Mrs. Miner, and Mrs. Gleave, had the opportunity to go on a field trip to Pumpkin Land at Vineyard Garden Center in Orem. The Kindergarten classes have been learning about the four seasons and Fall. Students made their way through a corn maze, visited with various animals, played on a playground including a giant pumpkin slide, made their way through the light alley, and picked out a pumpkin to take home. It was a great way to celebrate the fall season.
Pictures by Alisa Morgan and Barbara Miner

Living a Drug-Free Life Celebrating Red-Ribbon Week

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Art City Elementary celebrated Red Ribbon Week October 7-9, 2013.  Students had three fun days focusing on drug prevention and awareness. On Monday as students participated in the Walk-a-thon you could see lots of colored socks. Tuesday students showed their support by climbing out of bed and coming to school in their pajamas and on Wednesday students wore and became as red as they could in support of "No Drugs". The PTA gave out pencils and other incentives to help students remember not to use drugs. 

Pictures by Julia Murray and DeAnna Lindsey

"You Be You" Art City Kindergarten learn not to be afraid to be different.

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“You Be You”, by Linda Kranz, is the book Mrs. Alisa Morgan, Kindergarten Teacher at Art City Elementary School based her lesson on.  The students had an opportunity to read the book, write about a prompt, and create their own fish.  Students shared their thoughts about, “We all have something special that only we can share.”  The objective of the lesson is to help students know that we are all different and that “You Be You”.  Mrs.

Art City Sixth-grade attends Renaissance Faire

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Art City Elementary School, Sixth-grade, had the opportunity to go on a field trip to the Renaissance Faire at Thanksgiving Point to learn about the Medieval Times. Some of the things they saw were how the people used to print their literature. It was really fascinating how the printing machine worked. Kelby Jepperson, 6th-grade said “We saw some really awesome birds!” Some of the things they learned how to do were fight with foam swords and play Bocce Ball. The enjoyed some face painting and a magic show. Kelby also said, “A wet, cold, rainy day didn’t stop us from having loads of fun!”
Pictures by Mrs. Natalie Larsen; Written by Kelby Jepson 6th grade student