Welcome to Art City Elementary Mrs. Treana Kober

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My name is Treana Kober.  I graduated from Mead High School (in Washington state), Ricks College, Western Oregon State and Brigham Young University.  This is my 24th year in Nebo School District.  I am so excited to be the Counselor and one of the Student Council Advisors here at Art City.  I was born in Gooding, Idaho.  I grew up in Pendleton, Oregon. I now live in Payson, Utah.  I am the second of six children in my family.  I am married and have five children and two grandchildren.  I love to work and spend time with children!

Green Ribbon Pledge Winners

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During Green Ribbon week students made a pledge to stay safe:  while walking to school; as well as in their cars; and at home.  The Pledges were then put in a bucket for a drawing.  The following students were given bike helmets to help keep them safe:  (not in order) Skylar, Isabelle, Kyliah, Daniel, Marc, and Karime.

Art City Sixth-Grade is Going on a Field Trip

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Art City sixth-grade is going on a local adventure to visit the Springville City Historical Cemetery; they will be researching "Cause of death" and finding the Micro Organism that caused the death of the individuals.  They are also visiting the Art City Museum.  The bus is leaving at 9 AM and coming back at 11:30 AM. They might need a jacket if it is cold that day.


Art City School Carnival

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In September Art City Elementary had there school Carnival that was rained out last May.  Thank you to all that helped and participated in making the carnival a fun reward to the students.  Students were caught dancing, getting their faces painted and having lots of fun. 

Pictures by Mrs. Nielsen

Reflections Due Oct 2 (and Oct. 5)

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Teachers, students, parents and even the Principal, Mrs. Lori Nielsen; participated in a skit to get students excited and to help them know and understand what mediums that they can do for Reflections; Dance, Film, Literature, Photography, Music Composition, and Visual Arts.  Students pick-up forms outside of the office and make sure the form is attatched to their project that they turn in.  The dead line is Friday, October 2nd, if students need a little extra time the last day to turn projects in is October 5th. 

Student Body Officer Elections Week At Art City

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Students go through quite a process to get to this point of Student Body Officer elections.  First they receive a nomination in thier class, then they have to fill out an application and write an essay telling why they would make a good officer.  The students also have to be willing to do service for the school as well as the community once they are on the Student Council.  Good luck everyone with the elections. 

Cougar Strong--BYU Atheletes Visit Art City Fourth-Grade

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Tuesday September 22, 2015 BYU Athletes visited Art City Elementary fourth-grade students recruiting the girls and boys to be Cougar Strong for life.  "While not everyone can be a collegiate athlete, everyone can be Cougar Strong".  The points that were shared are as follows:  Cougars are:
--Physically strong