Art City Annual Chess Tournament Held at Art City Elementary School, Springvill​e

Submitted by julia.murray on Fri, 12/14/2012 - 16:05
Art City Elementary School in Springville, Utah, held it's annual chess tournament on Saturday December 5, 2012.The chess tournament was a really fun opportunity for students who are kindergarten through sixth grade to participate. Students came from all over Nebo school district and faced each other in chess. Some were were sad that they didn't win and others were very happy that they won. There were students that were sad because they didn't get a trophy or didn't get first place but some were very happy that they just got a medal and some were very happy that they got a trophy.
Article and Pictures byAdam Krieger; Sixth Grade Art City Reporter

Bucket Fillers December 7, 2012

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Our Bucket Fillers decided to be on the silly side to hopefully fill someone elses bucket.  This weeks Bucket Fillers are (not in order):  Daniel, Peter, Britton, Tony, Sami, Laruen, Caroline, Lilly, Allison, Cody, Cameron, Sarah, Samantha, Kaleb, Cason, Shayne, Megan, Sawyer, Monty, Kaia, and Sam.
Pictures by Lauree Kirkham

Second-grade celebrates Thanksgiving

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Second-grade students at Art City Elementary, in Springville, on Friday, November 19, 2011, celebrated Thanksgiving by girls wearing dresses and boys wearing white shirts, long socks and they tucked their pant legs into their socks.  In the class room the desks were pushed together like long banquet tables.  The students had the opportunity to make aprons, hats, satchels, necklaces, and buckles for the boy’s shoes.  The students then ate in their classrooms with pilgrims, Indians, parents and Teacher.

Dads come to Art City for Donuts--an​d Reading

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Art City Elementary, in Springville, on Friday, November 19, 2012, third-grade students invited their dads, uncles, grandpas, and friends to come eat a donut and read a book.  Miss McKell Murdock, third-grade teacher, invited her dad he too read with students.  There was a good turn out of “Dad’s” for the donuts.  For the students whose dad couldn’t come they shared a dad or took turns reading with another student.  The dads stayed for about 20 minutes and seemed to really enjoy this time with their students.  Thank you Dads for sharing your time with us.