Attention! Kindergarten Parents


Attention all parents of Kindergarten students at Art City Elementary!  Next week the schedule will be a little different on Wednesday and Thursday; your little ghosts and goblins, heroes and princesses get to sleep in!

--Students that go to Mrs. Miners’ morning and afternoon Kindergarten will come to school at 12:05 on Wednesday, October 28th and Thursday, October 29th.  

Last Week of our Face Book Harvest Challenge


This is the last week to get your names into a drawing for a prize if you turn in a paper saying your moms, dads, aunts, uncles, grandpa, or grandma has liked us on Facebook.  We want your families to be informed of all of the wonderful things your students are doing at Art City Elementary School.  If you need another form they will be infront of the office all this week.  

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Cemetary Research for Micro Organisms

Pictures by Miss Freeman

On October 12, 2015, Art City Elementary Sixth-grade students, teachers and a few moms went to the Springville Cemetary to do a little research.  They searched names at the cemetary to later research what microorganism they may have died from.  Students had fun looking at old head stones and finding out that they may even be distantly related to their teacher.  They also stopped at the Springville Museum of Art. 

Book Fair October 19-22, 2015


Calling all monsters, come to the MONSTER Book Fair to find your "Monster" stack of books to read from October 19, to October 22.  Book fair Monster hours are daily 8:20 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.  The Monster Family night is Tuesday October 20, from 5:30-6:30.  Open late Thursday October 24th for all Monsters during SEP's until 8 p.m. 

Art City Second-Grade: "Life Cycle of a Butterfly"


Art City Elementary students read "The Very Hungry Caterpiller" by Eric Carle when they were studying the life cycles of butterflies.  Students in second-grade have the opportunity to "gain an understanding of Life Science through the study of changes in organisms over time and the nature of living things."  Students at Art City Elementary illustrated the life cycle of a butterfly.  In the classes they ordered caterpillers to watch what they will do.  They feed the caterpillers then the caterpillers turn into cacoons and eventually emerge as butterflies. 

You Be You


“You Be You”, by Linda Kranz, is the book Mrs. Alisa Morgan, Kindergarten Teacher at Art City Elementary School based her lesson on.  The students had an opportunity to read the book, write about a prompt, and create their own fish.  Students shared their thoughts about, “We all have something special that only we can share.”  The objective of the lesson is to help students know that we are all different and that “You Be You”.  Mrs.

Stomp Out Drugs


Students, parents and teachers signed a pledge to Stomp out drugs.  Students were given red ribbons to tie on their back packs to help them remember to say "NO" to drugs. Tuesday Students wore all sorts of boots to "stomp" around in.  Wednesday everyone is invited to wear "red".  Students who have their parents sign and they sign the pledge, their pledges will be placed in a bucket to be entered into a prize drawing.  

Welcome to Art City Elementary Miss Marisa Channell


Hi my name is Marisa Channell. 

I graduated High school from Mountain View High School and College from Brigham Young University Idaho.  This is my fifth year teaching. I am so excited to be teaching first-grade.  I was born in Provo, Utah; I grew up in and currently live in Orem.  I am the middle child in my family; I am single.  To tell you a little about my family  . . .  I have two sisters, one older and one younger. My mom is a speech therapist and my dad is a professor. I love having lots of time to spend with them!

Welcome to Art City Elementary Mrs. Treana Kober

My name is Treana Kober.  I graduated from Mead High School (in Washington state), Ricks College, Western Oregon State and Brigham Young University.  This is my 24th year in Nebo School District.  I am so excited to be the Counselor and one of the Student Council Advisors here at Art City.  I was born in Gooding, Idaho.  I grew up in Pendleton, Oregon. I now live in Payson, Utah.  I am the second of six children in my family.  I am married and have five children and two grandchildren.  I love to work and spend time with children!

Green Ribbon Pledge Winners


During Green Ribbon week students made a pledge to stay safe:  while walking to school; as well as in their cars; and at home.  The Pledges were then put in a bucket for a drawing.  The following students were given bike helmets to help keep them safe:  (not in order) Skylar, Isabelle, Kyliah, Daniel, Marc, and Karime.