Springville Jr. High Visits Art City

Pictures by ACE reporters

On December 17, 2013, the Springville Jr. High school Choirs which included the Master Singers, Journeymen, and Knightingales, came to Art City Elementary school The Choir sang Christmas songs, which included, “Feliz Navidad,” “One Candle,” and “I Sing Noel”. The Journeymen sang, “Masters in This Hall,” “Jingle Bell Celebration,” and “Shepherd's Spiritual”.  The Master Singers sang, “Bidi Bom,” “Brazilian Christmas Carol,” and “The First [Noel]”.  Mrs. Utrera, the choir and the all time favorite “Christmas Round” “Chop-Chop, shovel-shovel”. It was very exciting to watch the Jr.

Mrs. Morgan's Nursery Rhymes

Pictures by Jill Hyde Article content by Alisa Morgan

Mrs. Morgan's Kindergarten class at Art City Elementary School has been studying nursery rhymes to help the students review rhyming. Mrs. Morgan said, "We have read and reread nursery rhymes to develop fluency, read sight words in context, and experience another type of text.  We also had many teaching points with vocabulary such as curds and whey and full score.  I had the kids prepare a rhyme to present on Nursery Rhyme day to help them develop their speaking skills—to speak audibly and clearly.  The students could dress up or bring a prop to add to their presentations.

Art City Friendship Bench

Inspired by Ms. Patti Parker's Third-grade class, Art City Elementary now has a "Friendship Bench."  This is a bench that students that don't have anyone to play with or are feeling lonely to go to; other students will come and invite the student to join them or they will sit and visit with them. Way to go Ms. Parker's class!

Second-Grade Celebrates Civil Rights

Art City Elementary School, on Wednesday January 29, 2014, celebrated Martin Luther King and Civil Rights with a Second-grade program. The songs that were sung included: "Ain't no Mountain High Enough," "Make them Hear You," Lean on Me," "We Got the power," "There can be Miracles." "This Little Light of mine" and "True Colors." The program focuses on those people who have made a difference in our world. It started around Martin Luther King then expanded to Rosa Parks, Ruby Bridges, and Jackie Robinson. After songs and quotes, Peace Prize winners were announced: Mayci, Samantha, Jane, Simeon, Victoria, Eliza, Jack, Amanda, James, Milo, Katie, Gage, Ashlyn, Aaron, Frida, Maddy, Nathan, William, Sean, and Jack. Art City Elementary School has been awarding students as Peace Keepers for the past ten years. The students in each class vote for a person in their classroom who exhibits qualities that make the school a better place. The students performed for their parents on Thursday night.

Bee a Reader

Mrs. Lindsey, the Librarian, and Mrs. Droubay, at Art City Elementary school have dedicated a corner outside the library to "Bee a Reader" they are encouraging students and teachers to "Bee Readers". Teachers and students are good "Bee's" and reading books.

Art City Second-Grade Students Travel the World

Art City Elementary second-grade students learn about different countries throughout the world as part of their core education.  The teachers at Art City have each student do a report on a country that they may have some previous knowledge of or a country they would like to learn about.  The students learn about the culture, the landscape, the industry, and especially the traditional clothing.  With this knowledge they present to their various class mates.  They have a paper doll that they color and dress.

Rich Wieber Wows and Amazes Students and Teachers


Rich Wieber's Bicycle stunt show visited Art City Elementary on January 17, 2014 for a school assembly program.  This program touches on these themes:• Determination • Goal Setting/Achievement • Dangers of Drugs, Alcohol and Tobacco  • Peer Pressure • Bullying • Perseverance • Bicycle Safety. The students and teachers were so mesmerized by the stunts Rich and his team were doing that they would forget to cheer.

The NED show presented at Art City Elementary School

Article by: Lauren Negus and Lauren Hatch


    On December 13, 2013 Art City Elementary had a NED show assembly.  "This school-wide performance tells the story of NED, a lovable cartoon character whose name is an acronym for Never give up, Encourage others, and Do your best. It’s a simple, memorable message designed to teach valuable lessons that help kids become champions at school and in life".