Pumpkin Land Adventures for the Art City Kindergarten

Pictures by Alisa Morgan and Barbara Miner

On Tuesday October 8, 2013 The Kindergarten classes, from Art City Elementary, Mrs. Morgan, Mrs. Miner, and Mrs. Gleave, had the opportunity to go on a field trip to Pumpkin Land at Vineyard Garden Center in Orem. The Kindergarten classes have been learning about the four seasons and Fall. Students made their way through a corn maze, visited with various animals, played on a playground including a giant pumpkin slide, made their way through the light alley, and picked out a pumpkin to take home. It was a great way to celebrate the fall season.

Living a Drug-Free Life Celebrating Red-Ribbon Week

Pictures by Julia Murray and DeAnna Lindsey

Art City Elementary celebrated Red Ribbon Week October 7-9, 2013.  Students had three fun days focusing on drug prevention and awareness. On Monday as students participated in the Walk-a-thon you could see lots of colored socks. Tuesday students showed their support by climbing out of bed and coming to school in their pajamas and on Wednesday students wore and became as red as they could in support of "No Drugs". The PTA gave out pencils and other incentives to help students remember not to use drugs. 

"You Be You" Art City Kindergarten learn not to be afraid to be different.

“You Be You”, by Linda Kranz, is the book Mrs. Alisa Morgan, Kindergarten Teacher at Art City Elementary School based her lesson on.  The students had an opportunity to read the book, write about a prompt, and create their own fish.  Students shared their thoughts about, “We all have something special that only we can share.”  The objective of the lesson is to help students know that we are all different and that “You Be You”.  Mrs.

Art City Sixth-grade attends Renaissance Faire

Pictures by Mrs. Natalie Larsen; Written by Kelby Jepson 6th grade student

Art City Elementary School, Sixth-grade, had the opportunity to go on a field trip to the Renaissance Faire at Thanksgiving Point to learn about the Medieval Times. Some of the things they saw were how the people used to print their literature. It was really fascinating how the printing machine worked. Kelby Jepperson, 6th-grade said “We saw some really awesome birds!” Some of the things they learned how to do were fight with foam swords and play Bocce Ball. The enjoyed some face painting and a magic show. Kelby also said, “A wet, cold, rainy day didn’t stop us from having loads of fun!”

Fifth and Sixth-grade Recorder Students Entertained the Area PTA Presidents

Pictures by Principal Lori Nielsen

The September area PTA meeting was held at Art City Elementary, Springville, on Wednesday September 18, 2013.  PTA Presidents were entertained by the following students who are Recorder Karate "Black-belt's":  Fifth-grade, Joey Hammond, Conner Cross, Brevin Park McKay Dalley, Frida Gomez, Amanda Gardner and Sixth-grade, Emily Clisbee and Rebecca Walton. During the School year last year (2012-13) Mrs. Lisa Gervais, the Music teacher, started using the program "Recorder Karate by Barb Philipak", Mrs.

PTA Service Award 2013

Lori Chandler has been a crossing guard on Center Street for over 23 years and has worked as a sweeper at Art City Elementary School for at least 20 years. Chris Sorensen came to her and offered her a job and asked her how many years she thought she might work, Lori said “Oh, maybe five years”.

Lori takes time to teach the Kindergarten how to cross the street. Through the years as she raised her own children she would have them come and help her clean the school, then when they were old enough were also employed as student sweepers in the school.

The Eagles’ Flight Walk-a-thon 2013 is Coming up

Pictures from 2011 Lori Nielsen and Julia Murray

Art City PTA, in Springville, will hold a school-wide Walk-a-thon fundraiser, The Eagles’ Flight, for the 2013-14 school year.  The event will also be held in conjunction with the Worldwide Day of Play (sponsored in part by Nickelodeon) and is aimed to encourage students towards a more active, healthy lifestyle. 

Miss Haslam Improvises When Displaced from her Classroom

At Art City Elementary today, September 13, 2013, Miss Molly Haslam had to improvise as she taught a lesson for her Social Studies class in the lobby of the school because an overhead projector had to be replaced.  The book she was reading to her students was an Allegory of the Holocaust Terrible Things by Eve Bunting. Miss Haslam uses this book as an introduction to World War two.

Art City PTA Celebrates Students at Carnival

Pictures by Lori Nielsen, Principal

What do silly hats, disappearing ink, and squeals of delight have in common?  A Carnival!  Art City Elementary PTA held it's annual Carnival to celebrate it's students. Students and families had fun jumping, running, eating, giggling, chasing, hanging out with friends and relaxing.  Thank you Art City PTA for all you do for the students at Art City Elementary.