5th-Grade Patriotic Assembly

Pictures by Rylie and Taylor

Art City Elementary School Fifth-grade performed in front of the school then for their parents that night; they dressed as American Hero's and leaders.  The students lead a flag ceremony with "Einstein" as the flag bearer.  Students sang Patriotic songs which included:  "America",: "This is My Country", "You're a Grand Old Flag/Yankee Doodle Boy", and "God Bless the U.S.A." After their performance students then went to their classrooms for their "Wax Museum". 

5th-Grade Wax Museum

Pictures by Riley Andreasen and Taylor Benson ACE reporters

Art City Elementary Fifth-grade students held their annual wax museum on Thursday April 3rd, in conjunction with their program, after singing patriotic songs they went to their classrooms for a Wax Museum.  Fifth-grade students dressed up as famous and important people or characters in America’s history.  Some of the characters from history that were seen included, Helen Keller, Dave Thomas, Wild Bill, Betsy Ross, Albert Einstein, Grandma Moses, Maria Thatcher, and Walt Disney, just to name a few.

What do Mom's, Muffin's and Math have in Common?


What do Mom's, Muffin's and Math have in Common? Students!Mom's came to Art City Elementary School on Friday March 28, 2014, to eat muffins and do math with their students in the third-grade classes.   The students showed their moms how they could do math while enjoying a muffin. Moms were wowed by the activities and games their children were engaged in. Even Miss Murdock's mom, Janine Murdock, took time away from Springville Jr. High to be a "Mom". Thank you, moms (and a couple of dads) for taking time out of your busy mornings to come and do math with us. 

Brain Awareness in Mr. Gibson's Class

Pictures by Jimmy Avila, Article by Paulette Carter

On Tuesday, March 18th, Josh Carter, a parent of a student in Mr. Gibson's sixth-grade class, came and dissected a sheep's brain with Mr. Gibson's class in conjunction with National Brain Awareness Week at BYU. The class discussed many important functions of the brain while talking about the basic anatomy of the brain. Brigham Young University's anatomy department hosted this and various other activities throughout week (March 10-14) to raise awareness of just how incredible brains are.

Art City Elementary Crystal Apple Winner is Shana Huffaker

Picture and Article by Natalie Larsen

Shana Huffaker, sixth-grade teacher at Art City Elementary, is the recipient of the Crystal Apple Award for the 2013-2014 school year. Shana has been working as a teacher for around 20 years. She received this award because of all the hard work she has done as a teacher. Shana is a dedicated educator who is always coming up with new ideas to better serve the students in her classroom. She takes the time to plan engaging, fun and stimulating lessons. She is always striving to be the best she can be as a teacher and a mother. Shana cares for every child that enters her classroom and spends the time required to help those who struggle. She also knows how to plan and prepare projects for the students that need to be challenged. Congratulations Shana! Thank you for your hard work, it is very much appreciated!

School Breakfast Coloring Contest

Picture by Lori Nielsen

Nebo School District celebrated National School Breakfast week March 3-7th.  All students were invited to eat a complimentary breakfast at Art City on Tuesday March 4.  In conjunction with the National School Breakfast week the district held a coloring contest; the theme was "Take Time for School Breakfast". Jane Wilson, a fifth-grade student of Art City was one of the four winners to win a bike.