Green Ribbon Week


Green Ribbon week is designed to promote health and safety.  

Monday: Parents and students signed pledges to stay safe while walking to and from school each day.  That means that they will walk on sidewalks, only cross streets at intersections and cross walks, look both ways before crossing the street, wear a helmet when riding a bike or a scooter, and wear a seat belt when in a car; parents pledged to be aware of pedestrians and drive the speed limit or even under the speed limit. 

Tuesday:  Wear Green. Remember green means it is safe to go.  Always make sure it is safe to cross streets and that you are wearing a seat belt in your car. 

Wednesday: Crazy hair Day.  Remember to always protect your head with a helmet when riding your bike, scooter, or skate board.

Thursday:  Walk to school Day and mismatched sock day.  Remember to watch your step as you walk to school.  Use crosswalks and look for cars.  You can walk, bike, or scooter to school.  Prizes will be given at the front doors of the school for participating. 

Friday:  Pajama Day. Rememeber to always get a good night's sleep to help you stay alert.