Springville Elementary School Track Meets

Pictures by Kristy Bird and Makayla Thomas

The fifth and sixth-grade students in Springville, Utah, have had the opportunity to go to the Springville, City sponsored track meets. It was a little cold and rainy for the sixth-grade, luckily it did not rain until the awards ceremony.  Fifth-grade had a little better weather although it was still cold.

K-9 Service Dogs


Mrs. Larsen and Mrs. Luther's third-grade classes had a special visitor come, they had Springville Officers come, after reading a story in our Journey's book that talked about service dogs, Areo and Officer Mike demonstrated how they can find things that do not belong in a school or other building.


First-Grade Walks to the Library

Story and Pictures by Marissa Channell

On Thursday April 25, 2017 the First Grade walked to the Springville City library. They learned about how the library works day to day, how to get a library card, how to return books, and all about their summer reading program!  It was a great day!!

Monster Orchestra Concert

Picture by Lindsey Priday

On Thursday April 20, 2017 all of the 6th-grade Orchestras came together at the high school for a Monster Concert.  This is Art City Orchestra students at the Monster Concert (during the rehearsal break)! Miss Priday said, "They did a wonderful job, and I am really proud of them".  Pictured are Alexa, Jason, Demetrius, James, Lilly, Megan, Will, Dax, and Brandon.