Springville Elementary School Track Meets

Pictures by Kristy Bird and Makayla Thomas

The fifth and sixth-grade students in Springville, Utah, have had the opportunity to go to the Springville, City sponsored track meets. It was a little cold and rainy for the sixth-grade, luckily it did not rain until the awards ceremony.  Fifth-grade had a little better weather although it was still cold.  Sixth-grade results: Brandon: 4th in the long jump; Katie: 2nd in the 100 and the 400, Payton: 3rd in the softball throw and the 100; Skylar: 4th in the 100; River: 6th in the 200 and McKenzie: 6th in the 100.  Fifth-grade results: Kiara: 1st in softball throw; Alana: 3rd in 100 meter and 3rd in 200 meter; Kollyn: 3rd in 100 and 6th in softball throw; Josh: 1st in 800 meter; and Jane Rawle: 3rd in long jump.  Way to represent Art City Elementary School!!