Nebo District chess tournament results

District chess tournament 230.jpg
District chess tournament 225.jpg
District chess tournament 227.jpg


The Nebo District chess tournament was held on Saturday March 6, at Cherry Creek Elementary School.  The Top ten schools are as follows: 

Team Placings:1. Art City; 2. Mapleton, 3. Taylor, 4. Brockbank, 5. Hobble Creek, 6. Sage Creek, 7. Homeschool, 8. Goshen, 9. Spring Lake, 10. Westside.


We want to thank Rick Silva for running the computer, Chad Argyle, Dave Harlan, Mary Lynn Lewis, Linda Mortensen, Debbie May, David Taylor, Bret Elzinga, Jay Talbot, and all parents and coaches who helped bring everyone together for a great tournament. if we didn’t have great volunteers it wouldn’t happen.

In the tournament everyone plays 6 rounds Swiss, no elimination, a win gives you one point, a tie gives you a half point and a loss is zero points. At the end of the 6th round the computer takes the top four scores from each school and determines a winner.  Tie breakers go back to who won their matches.